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This project was developed to, first of all, answer identified needs of partner organizations and youth workers, leaders and trainers and to support them in development of competences need for acting against hate speech targeting Muslim community in Europe.

Start: 01-01-2020 – End: 31-08-2020
Project Reference: 2019-3-DE04-KA105-018504
EU Grant: 27035 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility

Project TOPICs:

This project aimed to empower both participants and partner organizations to stand against hate speech targeting Muslims, especially in online environments. Based on WE Can manual, Training Course  proposed a set of online and offline communication and educational approaches and tools to undermine discrimination expressed through hatefull narratives.


Young people, youth workers and leaders, online activists and citizens in general but above all, on all those who are discriminating and spreading hateful narratives.


The purpose of this project was to increase the number of individuals and organizations, spread the methodology used for development of counter and alternative narratives and support use of the tools that can effectively tackle problem of islamophobia and hate speech targeting Muslims (WE CAN! manual) which, as it was described and explained throughout the project, is burning problem and human rights threat across Europe.


This project had one activity, a 7-days long training course for youth workers, youth leaders and trainers.

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