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CYBERSAFETY project aims at preparing the young people aged 13-18 with the right set of tools to engage and recognize episodes of cyberbullying and how to get out of those situations. In doing so, it will also prepare teachers and professor to face the topic and to engage with teenagers on the risks of the online world.

01/11/2021 Enddatum: 01/11/2023                                                                                       

Projekt-Referenz: KA220-SCH-9EC10418

EU-Zuschuss: 53.300.00 EUR

Programm: Erasmus+

Schlüsselaktion: Erasmus + KA2

Aktionstyp: Cooperation Partnerships


Projekt PARTNER:

  • Ivan Cankar Primary School [HR] (Coordinator)
  • Mine Vaganti NGO [IT]
  • Youth Europe Service [IT]
  • Van İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü [TR]

Projekt THEMEN:

  • Inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination
  • Prevention of bullying
  • Development of training courses


Teachers involved in the project mobility, students, schools’ staff members and communities.

Projekt ZIELE:

  • Raise awareness about cyberbullying among teenagers
  • Provide teachers with skills and competences for preventing and fighting cyberbullying


(1) Training Format

(2) Set of short cartoons for educational purpose (2-5 mins)

(3) App that will work as a storage of information on how to recognize cyberbullying


Social Media Channels