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Cultural and historical awareness for active citizenship

The cultural and historical awareness for active citizenship is a 24-month small-scale partnership aiming to stimulate young people’s engagement in society by raising awareness about socially relevant topic including the cultural traditions of different regions, through public and Oral History.

Start date: 01/09/2023       End date: 31/08/2025

Project Reference: 2023-1-AT01-KA210-YOU-0000166733

EU Grant: 60,000 EUR

Programme: Erasmus + Key Action: KA2

Action Type: Small-scale Partnerships



  • XsentrikArts [AT] (Coordinator)
  • NGO Nest Berlin e.V. [DE]
  • EduLab [IT]


Project TOPICS:

  • Social inclusion
  • Active citizenship
  • Cultural promotion



Main target group: young people between the age of 18 and 30 who are at risk of social exclusion. Secondary target group: young educators, aged 23+.



  • Foster a social inclusion process
  • Deepen the involvement in cultural activities and knowledge of history among young people
  • Reinforcement of young educators’ knowledge on cultural topics and improvement of their teaching skills



The European Agenda has set an objective to create peaceful and inclusive societies, provide access to justice for all and build effective and accountable institutions at all levels under SDG16. Achieving such an extraordinary change requires active citizenship, especially from the younger generation. By empowering young people to be involved in decision-making and contributing to the improvement of their lives and environment, we can create a better world to live in. This requires cultivating hope for the future and taking action in the present to create a better society, a more conscious civilization, and a healthier planet. In this context, museums and photo exhibitions play an important role in shaping the beliefs and values of young people.



(1) CHAC guide with training format

(2) Oral history archive conserved in local libraries

(3) Toolkit

(4) Exhibition

Social Media Channels