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NGO NEST Berlin is an umbrella organisation  for promoting and executing international projects to create an impact for social change. With our network partners we support adults and youths through functioning as a hub for European projects – from project design to research and implementation.  NEST is thus strongly involved in the design and management of international projects in all sectors of Erasmus+ (Youth, Adult, VET, Schools, Sports) as well as in H2020, AMIF and EuropeAid. Moreover, as a trusted organisation for volunteering activities, through European Solidarity Corps and other international youth programs, NEST is regularly engaged in sending and receiving young people from all over Europe and Africa.

Our Mission

NEST aims at a human, social and socioeconomic development of people

Performing education through sport as an holistic tool of research

Valorizing and spreading the potential of NFE methods

Non-Formal Education training, networking and communication

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FELLOWSHIP FELLOWSHIP is a project that aims to increase young people’s awareness, knowledge, skills and competencies by engaging them in Game-based learning (GBL) processes &

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Sport for Activation of Young NEET – SAYN The project SAYN aims to develop an educational methodology to help youth workers empower young NEETs. The

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