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NGO Nest Berlin sends over 100 participants each year to attend Erasmus+ training courses and youth exchanges
around Europe and other continents.  Funded by the European Union.

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April 2024

  • travel around Europe at almost zero cost(free food and accommodation and substantial reimbursement of travel expenses);
  • confront with other youngsters from all over Europe and other continents;
  • to learn more through non-formaleducation about a specific, current and/or ‘European’ theme;
  • to improve your English and knowledge of other languages;
  • create a network of useful contacts also in within the workplace / business / thematic area;
  • live a social / intercultural / group / unique experience!

Since 2016, NGO Nest Berlin has participated in many European and transcontinental projects, offering exchange and training opportunities to more than 100 young people every year! 

Note: Carry the spirit of adaptation and the “hunger for knowledge” for other cultures in your suitcase!

They are Erasmus + projects that promote youth mobility and intercultural learning through socio-culturalexchanges between groups of young people from different European countries and beyond.

By meeting you can learn from each other, and by deepening a specific exchange theme-you can discoveranalogies and differences between your personal habits, cultures and receivededucations, as well asacquire notions and useful information to enrich your luggage.

Youth exchanges are also used to combat negative prejudices and stereotypes and provide open dialogueand confrontation as a basic tool between all participants, and always refer to a type of non-formallearning.

Non-formal education is that type of education that takes place outside the curriculum provided formal education.

You learn through various creative methods such as: 

  • Group work
  • team building games
  • Discussions
  • Seminars
  • Debates
  • role plays

There is no professor and no marks are awarded.

Note that various Erasmus + projects / seminars, courses offered, relate to the exchange of experiences, skills and good practices between those who work with young people and youth organizations. 

Activities are also envisaged that lead to the realization of projects, partnerships and lasting quality networks. The projects always include an organization that coordinates the project and several partner organizations. 

Young people can participate without any age limit! The reference themes are treated in a more demanding way than in a youth exchange, and a good knowledge of the English language is important. The working methods always refer to non-formal learning.


In addition to Erasmus+ exchanges, other opportunities are waiting for you!

Students Mobility for Traineeship

These mobilities are intended to support the students’ professional development abroad, by means of on the job learning, teaching and education activities as well as job shadowing at one of the partnering University’s or public / private entities.

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