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EntrepreNEET - Stärkung junger weiblicher NEETs durch die Vermittlung unternehmerischer Fähigkeiten im Bereich des sozialen Unternehmertums

The project aims at empowering young female NEETs by providing them with entrepreneurial skills in the fields of social entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, project management, and digital and ICT skills. Therefore, it aims at combatting the following two aspects: the overrepresentation of women in the NEET category, and their underrepresentation as entrepreneurs


Startdatum: 1/01/2022    Enddatum: 01/01/2024

Projekt-Referenz: 2021-1-IT03-KA201-YOU-000031004

EU-Zuschuss: 60.000,00 EUR

Programm: Erasmus+

Schlüsselaktion: KA 2

Aktionstyp: Small-scale Partnerships (Youth)


Projekt PARTNER:

  • L’Orma Società sportiva dilettantistica a Responsabilità Limitata [IT] (Coordinator)
  • NGO Nest Berlin e.V. [DE]
  • ADEL Slovakia [SK]


Projekt THEMEN:

  • Enterprise, industry, SMEs and entrepreneurship
  • Berufsberatung



Young female NEETs aged 15-29, youth workers


Projekt ZIELE:

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills of female NEETs
  • Decrease of the number of women belonging to the NEET group
  • Increase of the number of female entrepreneurs
  • Increase of the teaching capabilities of youth workers in the field of entrepreneurship



The main strategy that is going to be implemented to accomplish this goal is to provide youth workers with tools based on non-formal education (NFE). Thus, the project will be the exchange of good practices, aimed at producing a toolkit that can be used across the EU in fostering entrepreneurship. It will do so by employing the Entrepreneurship as a Competence framework (EntreComp), working on the 3 competences it defines: ‘ideas and opportunities’, ‘resources’ and ‘into action’. The following EntreComp goals are in the scope of the project: ‘I want to mobilise’ and ‘I want to create value’. They will be accomplished by inspiring young female NEETs to pursue the career in the entrepreneurial world and by adapting it to their specific local context



(1) Thematic toolkits for entrepreneurial competences

(2) Report


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