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Multisport Gemeinschaft erleben

ist ein sozial innovatives Sportprojekt, das auf kollektiver "Bewegung" und Wettbewerb basiert. Dieses Projekt zielt darauf ab, eine neue Nutzererfahrung, ein neues Zugehörigkeitsgefühl, neue Emotionen, neue Beziehungen und einen gesunden Wettbewerb zu aktivieren und eine überzeugende Motivation für ein körperlich aktives und gesundes Leben zu schaffen.

Startdatum: 01/01/2021 Enddatum: 30/12/2023

Projekt-Referenz: 622555-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-SPO-SCP

EU-Zuschuss: 398.995,00 EUR

Programm: Erasmus+

Schlüsselaktion: KA 2

Aktionstyp: Cooperation Partnerships


Projekt PARTNER:

  • L’Orma Societa Sportiva Dilettantistica Responsabilita Limitata [IT] (Coordinator)
  • NGO Nest Berlin e.V. [DE]
  • University of Thessaly [GR]
  • European Platform for Sport Innovation [BE]
  • Dubrovnik Sport’s Association – DSA [HR]


Projekt THEMEN:

  • Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the European Week of Sport
  • Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the 14 implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and being in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines


  • Sport coaches and citizens of all ages.

Projekt ZIELE:

  • Engage more people in sport and physical activities
  • Raise the collective awareness of Social Innovations;
  • Build a Platform that help the users to live a healthier life, to be more active and to engage in more community activities
  • Activate a motivational mechanism. The program can be done whenever and wherever, there are no limits or excuses to do physical exercises



This project aims at activating a new user experience as a new app will be developed that will keep track of physical activities, calorie consumption, social event etc. It is human nature that we need social contacts and like to interact with each other. Nowadays, technology plays a huge part in our lives and this project combines the use of smart devices and the community experience while improving the wellbeing of people. The wellbeing of individuals is the core of the wellbeing of the society and it has economic benefits as well. The healthier the people the less pressure is put on the welfare and special the health care system. A physically or mentally challenged person need more time to find a job and integrate into society. This game is not exclusive; everyone can participate in regardless of previous sport experience, age or financial situation.


(1) “Multisport Community Index”: an algorithm aimed at identifying different categories of people according to their lifestyle.

(2) Web Platform/App.

(3) Guidelines: a document including all the programs, activities, practices and results collected during the whole project.


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