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Fostering inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants at local level

The @nclusion project aims to improve inclusion for LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees by facilitating collaboration between LGBTQI+ organizations, migrant groups, communities, and local authorities; Enhancing the capabilities of stakeholders for LGBTQI+ integration and adapting successful mentoring models for LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees.

Start date: 01/04/2024        End date: 31/03/2027                                            

Project Reference: 101141076

EU Grant: 1.430.000.00 €

Programme: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (2021-2027)

Action: AMIF-2023-TF2-AG-CALL-02-LOCAL


  • Anaptyxiaki Etaireia Lefkosias (Anel) Ltd [CY] (Coordinator)
  • NGO Nest Berlin [DE]
  • CSI Center for Social Innovation Ltd [CY]
  • Symplexis [EL]
  • Elliniko Forum Metanaston– Efm [EL]
  • Anci Sicilia [IT]
  • Cesie [IT]
  • Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Palermo Aps [IT]
  • Wroclaw Miasto [PL]
  • Fundacja Ukraina– [PL]
  • Ayuntamiento de Alzira [ES]

Project TOPICS:

  • LGBTQI+ migrant and refugee inclusion
  •  Poverty and social exclusion risks
  • Intersectionality and multiple discrimination


Main target group: migrants’ organizations and communities, LGBTQI+ organizations and local authorities

Indirect target group: the project focuses on LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees as they have specific needs and vulnerabilities (incl. those in need of international protection)



  1. Increase awareness and know-how of local authorities/policymakers on challenges faced by LGBTQI+ migrants as well as increase inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants issues in dialogue between policy makers
  2. inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants in actions by LGBTQI+ organizations and at the same time increase synergy and cooperation between LGBTQI+ organizations and migrants’ organizations, and local authorities
  3. Develop and implement local integration strategies for LGBTQI+ (focusing on early integration, long term integration, and the building of inclusive and cohesive communities)
  4. Increase access to information for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees about practices and services in the host countries



@nclusion aims to build cooperation and coordination among local authorities, migrants’ organizations and communities, LGBTQI+ organizations and other CSOs supporting the rights of migrants and LGBTQI+ persons in Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland & Spain, in order to support the implementation of local integration strategies that promote LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees inclusion. The project will implement the identification of the needs for changes in attitudes and processes towards LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees, capacity building and sensitization programme for members of migrants’ organizations, LGBTQI+ organizations, and local authorities; the rainbow buddies’ schemes for newly arrived migrants and refugees; the cooperation between local authorities, LGBTQI+ organizations, migrants’ organizations and other CSOs in local action planning; the information portal on local services for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees in several languages ; and the dissemination and awareness raising actions.


Project OUTCOMES:   

  • Identification of needs for changes in attitudes and processes towards LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees
  • Training and Sensitization Programme
  • E-learning platform
  • Cooperation between local authorities, LGBTQI+ organizations, migrants’organizations and other CSOs inlocal action planning
  • Dissemination and awareness raising