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VR THEATRE – DISCoVeR Theatre – Digital Inclusion of Seniors for Creative aging through Virtual Reality Theatre

DISCoVeR Theatre is a 24-months Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education aimed at enhancing Cultural and Creative Industries’ (CCIs) outreach capacity targeting seniors, while involving seniors’ as active agents in the process in digital transformation of the cultural sector. Adult operators in CCIs and cultural organizations will receive training on how to engage a senior public in their activities, which due to the pandemic are going digital. Also, an innovative model for performing arts practitioners will be designed, to foster engagement and e-inclusion of urban seniors in creative and cultural activities that make use of advanced technology such as Virtual Reality.

Project Reference:

EU Grant: 224.604,00 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Adult education

Action Type: Adult education

Project Partners:

  • S.A.F.E. Projects [NLD]   
  • Nara Egitim Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi [TR]     
  • Drustvo Bodi svetloba  [SI] 


Skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts. Promotion of the program Erasmus+ among all citizens and generations by offering activities of education and exchanges of experiences to seniors.


  • Adult (25+) operators and professionals from partner organizations and networks, involved in the output creation and the implementation of local programs
  • Adult (25+) professionals in CCIs, cultural/arts organizations, senior services, and tech-companies developing VR for creative purposes
  • Urban Seniors (65+) from local communities taking part in the Local Activities carried out in each partner country
  • Mainstream participants aged 20-30 from local communities


  • Improved Creative Aging mindset in seniors
  • Raised awareness on the importance of Creative aging practices and cultural engagement of seniors in the Covid-19 era
  • Improved engagement and active aging of seniors in community-based cultural practices such as participatory theatre with a technological component
  • Acquired and increased skills, competencies, methodologies, and knowledge for the target group thanks to participation to the international training course
  • Acquired and increased skills, competencies, methodologies, and knowledge for the indirect target group thanks to participation to the Local activities
  • Have widely disseminated the results of the project across partnership’ Countries local networks created and gathered, important for future cooperation
  • Have created free available material, (reports, web platform, training format, etc.) that will be fundable for the project transferability and used as a starting point for new projects.


DISCoVeR Theatre will design an innovative methodology for performative and expressive arts practitioners. The methodology will apply Virtual Reality technology to the design of a Participatory Theatre performance.   


Transnational Project meetings

DIsCoVeR Theatre project foresees to organize 4 Transnational Project Meetings:

  • Kick-Off Meeting (KOM)
  • Evaluation Meeting (EM);
  • Monitoring Meeting (MM)
  • Final evaluation and report Meeting (FEM)

“Senior Outreach” Joint Staff – Belgium

The activity will be devoted to the testing of the Training Format (IO2).

Multiplier Events – VR Theatre play debut – each partner countries

This event will consist of the debut of the Participatory VR Theatre performance and a Conference. It will be coordinated and organized by the national partner organisation and will take place in a local theatrical venue. The Conference will be organized to present the results of the project and the concrete learning outcomes of the local VR theatre workshop.

Intellectual outputs

O1 – “DISCoVeR Theatre” Network Platform 

O2 –  Senior Outreach and e- Engagement Training Format and Joint Report

O3 – “DISCoVeR Theatre” Script and Handbook 

Project Website