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Phoenix – Responding to COVID19: Revitalization of the creativity sector

Phoenix project is aimed at supporting the disadvantaged target groups of the youth field, providing a community approach: where the national can’t do, the local should take action.

Start: 01-09-2022   End: 31-08-2024

Project Reference:

EU Grant: 120 000,00   


Key Action: KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth

Action Type:Youth Innovation

Project Partners:

Applicant Organization



[DE] NGO NEST BERLIN EV                                                    

[CY] Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus       

[SE]  MOBILIZING EXPERTISE AB                                          

[FR]  SkillsLab21                                                                        

Project TOPICs:

1.Creativity, arts and culture

2.Community development

3.Digital content, technologies and practices


The target groups of the project are:

  • Disadvantaged young people between the ages of 18-30


Project objectives / is supportive of the identified priorities as follows:

  1. a) Supporting disadvantaged young amateurs, freelancers and non-profit youth associations from the creativity sector in order to make them active again;
  2. b) Stimulating the sense of community as well as community support attitude in order to revitalize the local creative sector;
  3. c) Elaborate sustainable virtual means aimed at supporting the revitalization of the small-scale actors of the creative sector.




The activities of the project are lead by each partner, as following:

Work package n°1 ‘Project Management’

Work package n°2 – E-Course, Web Platform & Local Phase

  • Promotion and raising awareness regarding the importance of the revitalisation of the creativity sector.
  • Stimulating community engagement in sustaining the small players of the creativity sector.
  • Adoption of project Results by different entities that will integrate them in the curricular/extracurricular activities.
  • Consolidation of cooperation framework allowing partner organisations to be active on the topic exchanging information and proposing follow-up initiatives, also with the involvement of interested stakeholders.

Work package n°3 – Dissemination & Visibility

  • Give visibility to the project with its results and expected outcomes at various level of dissemination
  • Give Sustainability to the project to reach a wider better after its lifetime and end of the funding The dissemination and strategy to give visibility and promotion of the project as well as its deliverables will be planned into this Work Package. The activities will contribute to the objectives of the project, both online and offline actions will be implemented, continuing working with the target group.