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Textile and Fashion Manufacturing towards Industry 4.0 

Sust3DFashion is a 24-month partnership focused on promoting innovation in the textile and fashion manufacturing sector through 3D printing, while emphasizing circular economy and environmental sustainability. The project aligns with EU policies that advocate for sustainable and circular textiles. It aims to provide vocational education and training (VET) to industry experts, enhancing their skills in digital innovation and sustainable production. By creating synergies between the technology and digital sectors, Sust3DFashion seeks to aid the transition to Industry 4.0, particularly crucial following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on European SMEs. The project will develop innovative learning materials, including MOOCs, to equip VET learners with the knowledge to apply 3D design and printing in the textile and fashion industries. 


Start date: 01/10/2023     End date:  30/09/2025   

Project code: 2023-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000154887 

EU Grant: 250 000,00 Euro 

Programme: Erasmus plus 

Key Action: KA2 VET  

Action Type: VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training  


Project PARTNERS: 

  • NGO Nest Berlin e.v [DE] (Coordinator) 
  • The Nest Social Cooperative Enterprise [EL] 
  • European Knowledge Spot [EL] 
  • ARGUS Teknoloji Bilisim Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi [TR] 


Project TOPICS:  

  • Open and distance learning 
  • Work-based learning 
  • Green skills 



Direct target group: VET providers and VET educators, Textile and fashion manufacturing industry experts, aged 25-45, 3D design and printing experts  

Indirect target group: VET providers and educators not directly participating in the project’s activities, VET Educational institutions, Staff of NGOs working with young people and Adults, Adult educators and Social workers that are interested in the creation of the digital innovative contents,  Entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion sector 



  • Enabling VET providers to create innovative digital education and assessment tools 
  • Enabling textile and fashion manufacturing industry experts (aged 25-45 years old) with vocational skills on 3D design and printing paying attention to the benefits of fashion circularity and environmental sustainability. 
  • Establishing mutual mentoring relationships between textile and fashion manufacturing industry experts and 3D 



Sust3DFashion aims to innovate and digitalize the textile and fashion sector through 3D design and printing, promoting circularity and sustainability. The project focuses on shifting VET education towards digital tools, enabling VET providers to create and assess digital learning materials. It will develop a MOOC for industry experts to enhance skills in 3D design and printing. The project addresses the decline in European textile craftsmanship by leveraging digitalization to preserve traditional skills and heritage. By integrating industry 4.0 concepts, Sust3DFashion aims to ensure the future of European textile and fashion manufacturing through sustainable and circular practices. 


Project OUTCOMES: 

  1. Map containing the most effective and innovative digital tools to be applied at the VET sectors. 
  2. The Sust3DFashion e-learning Training scheme addressed to VET providers 
  3. Sust3DFashion MOOC for experts in the field of textile and fashion manufacturing industry 
  4. Mentoring Plans: it will take the shape of a handbook containing insights for experts in the field textile and fashion and3D designing and printers

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