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Media Education and News Literacy to yoUth against Fake news recepTion and implicatiOnS 

The FATOS2U project aims to empower young people (ages 18-25) by enhancing their critical thinking and media literacy. This empowerment is essential for strengthening democracy and combating manipulation, propaganda, and fake news, particularly on major social issues like COVID-19. Since the term “fake news” gained prominence in 2017, disinformation has become a significant societal challenge, affecting democracy, human rights, and attitudes towards migration and EU citizenship. The widespread use of social media and online platforms has exacerbated this issue by enabling the rapid and effortless spread of false information. 


Start date: 01.05.2022  End date: 01.05.2024 

Project Reference: 2021-2-PT02-KA220-YOU-000049293 

Eu Grant: 227.324 Euro  

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Kay Action: KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth 


Project PARTNERS:  

  • ASDPESO  [PT] (Coordinator) 
  • NGO NEST Berlin  [DE] 
  • Xenios Polis. Culture, Science and Action  [GR] 
  • Mine Vaganti NGO [IT] 

Project TOPICS: 

  • Creating new, innovative or joint curricula or courses 
  • Media literacy and tackling disinformation  
  • Quality and innovation of youth work 


The direct target groups are:  

  • The young persons- youth aged 18-25- who are brought up and belong to this generation and era of digital and technological boom- who will be educated on the proper use of media, and thus, social media, too and the anti-Fake news approaches 
  • The youth leaders/workerswho will undertake the role/ responsibilities of training 

Indirect target group:  

  • Stakeholders and practitioner 


  1. To enable youth to properly and ‘ethically’ navigate the modern news environment and take informed decisions
  2. To empower young people and to raise their awareness on countering the effects of disinformation campaigns and fake news spreading through digital media on issues of major and dominant interest of our society
  3. To foster youth’s critical appreciation and understanding of the mass media inside a changing and increasingly complex media & news landscape
  4. To define a clear and comprehensive training approach for tackling the spread and impact of online fake news in Europe, protecting European values and democratic systems and the right of youth to diverse and reliable information in regards with current situations
  5. To set users-youth responsibilities according to a number of principles & in response with the specific roles of different actors (social platforms, news media and users, language used, etc)


The FATOS2U project focuses on empowering young citizens aged 18-25 by enhancing their critical thinking skills and media literacy. This initiative is essential for reinforcing democratic values and combating the influence of manipulation, propaganda, and fake news. The project pays special attention to significant social issues such as COVID-19, highlighting the broader impacts of disinformation on democracy, human rights, and social attitudes towards migration and diversity within the European Union. Recognizing that fake news and disinformation have become substantial societal challenges, FATOS2U addresses the ease with which false information can spread through social media and online platforms. This rapid dissemination poses significant risks to personal perceptions and societal reflections on various critical topics. Since 2017, the term “fake news” has become widely recognized, indicating the growing concern over its impact. 
In this context, FATOS2U aims to counteract the exposure of young people to large-scale disinformation by fostering media literacy and awareness of key principles. These tools are vital in addressing the online spread of fake news, particularly in times of significant societal challenges like the coronavirus pandemic and issues related to social cohesion. By promoting critical thinking and responsible civic participation, the project seeks to fortify democratic processes and ensure that young citizens are well-informed and capable of discerning credible information from falsehoods. 
Through these efforts, FATOS2U aims to initiate a reflection on the challenges posed by online platforms and the measures needed at the EU level to protect citizens from the spread of fake information. By raising awareness and promoting media literacy, the project endeavors to equip young people with the necessary skills to navigate the information landscape responsibly and contribute to a more informed and democratic society. 

Project OUTCOMES:  

  1. Curriculum & Learning Materials Toolkit 
  2. Multifunctional Digital Resources 
  3. Training Guidelines Handbook 

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