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Sport Activities to Foster Entrepreneurship

Massive youth unemployment, marginalization and exclusion are a structural concern of Consortium countries and regions. These crucial challenges affect particularly the most fragile bands of the youth population and are directly linked as consequences and causal factors to the fewer opportunities of personal development; education and employability, characterizing the foregoing targets as compared with their peers and representing one of the main drivers of the diffusion of phenomena of apathy and rejection among the youth.

Start: 01-07-2019 – End: 30-06-2020
Project Reference: 2019-1-DE04-KA105-017695
EU Grant: 43641 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility

Project TOPICs:

Recognition, transparency, certification

According to Statista findings, youth unemployment is a particularly concerning phenomenon in Slovakia (with 18,3% as of July 2018) and Bulgaria (11,1% as of July 2018). On the other hand Germany is an example to be follow since youth unemployment is diminished from 11,9% in 2007 to 6,42% in 2017. For what concerns neighbouring countries forming part of the Consortium, a particularly high youth unemployment rate is presented by Palestine (49,9%, July 2018), Jordan (39,9%, 2017) and Egypt, where, according to Statista, 34.3% of youngsters were unemployed as of December 2017.


24 youth workers and youth leaders and 45 youngsters


Activities to Foster Entrepreneurship involving 24 youth workers and youth leaders and 45 youngsters, in an educational itinerary aimed at providing them with knowledge, skills and NFE tool to foster social inclusion, personal development and community engagement of disadvantaged youth categories (NEETs, youngsters from marginalized rural areas) in partner countries.


1. TC “The Treasure Behind Sport”:  Training participants to employ useful instruments and knowledge to promote youth inclusion through Sport.

December 2019.

2. YE “The Youth SporTrepreneur”: Helping participants understand sport’s role as a tool of personal development.

To be decided.

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